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One Three Nigerian tribes

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Three Nigerian tribes who have managed to stay unaffected by westernization These tribes have managed to remain obscure and hold on to large parts of their culture.

Have you heard about them?

Nigeria has over 371 documented tribes scattered all over the country and not all of them are exposed to the western world as many of the others are. Beyond those that have been found, who knows if some still lie unknown.The Kambari people are an ancient rural community in in Birnin Amina in Rijau Local Government Area, Niger state — one of the few who still practice nudity. They are a forgotten tribe satisfied with their simple way of life and their lack of governmental support for a sustainable community. The Kambari people do not speak English or Hausa, but speak their native Kambari. They stay in their small communities and only interact with others when they have to go to the farm and market.


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