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Money Safety Tips

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Money Safety Tips

Ways to protect your money from criminals this festive period

Here are ways to protect your money safe from criminals this festive period and be safe at all times.

The festive period is the best time for crime business. A lot of criminals would be robbing, snatching wallets, pick-pocketing, burgling, breaking into cars this festive period.

The festive period is upon us, which means a lot of things would be happening. So many events, concerts, parties and get-togethers.
This means you should keep your personal effects, especially your money safe.
As we are happy about the festive period, which is Christmas and New year, so are the criminals, who are waiting to steal from you.
You need to protect your money and at the same time protect yourself.
Here are ways to protect your money safe from criminals this festive period and be safe at all times.

1. Lock up before going out

Before going out, make sure you lock up all the entrance to your home to avoid being visited by burglars.
You should do this also when you get back home, to prevent robbery attacks in your home.
Though we are not where we want to be with security in Nigeria, you should put all the possible safety measures to not only protect your money and finances but also your lives.

2. Don’t carry too much cash around

Make sure as you go about having fun this festive period, you don’t carry lots of cash on you.
Before you go for an outing or event, take time to calculate how much you’ll need for the day, which should include your transportation so you don’t get stranded.
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You might need to take a little extra In case of an unexpected occurrence. You could be an easy target for robbers if you carry lots of money on you.
You might feel how will they know, but trust me these guys know. Don’t ask me how.

3. Don’t give out your personal and financial details

I’m pretty sure everyone in Nigeria has gotten a text message from funny mobile numbers asking for BVN pin to help you with your bank account or emails telling you to click on some links.
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On no circumstance should you divulge your personal and financial information to anyone or click on links. Your bank would never ask you for your security details or ask you to click on links.
These fraudsters have tried and keep trying different ways to get access to people’s bank account. Don’t fall victim to their numerous scams.

4. Go around with cash, not card

Not only does going around with cash limit your spending, it is also wise to take cash out instead of the card because that is where your life saving is.
Take for instance you misplace your card or someone steals your card and these days it is easy to get details of someones account even without the pin to the card.
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It would be so bad if they get into your account and wipe out all your savings or income.  
If you really need to go around with your atm card, make sure you just have not so much money in it because robbers have devised a new way of robbing people.
They know people are going cashless and would prefer going around with their atm cards, so they attack you and they take you to an atm machine to withdraw all your money.
Is it not wiser if you have just a little on you than having a lot and getting robbed of it all.

5. Don’t stay out late at night

We all know the best time criminals operate is at night. If you don’t have access with to a car, then it is advisable to get home early.
Even if you have a car, it is still wise to get home late. You don’t want to be a victim of robbery because you went out to have fun and you got back late.
Not only should you protect your money and personal effects, you should also protect your life.


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