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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl

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Grace helps out a desperate horny village husband

Grace is back in the village for the Christmas, taking food around around the village then she finds a man who needs sexual relea

“Nne this one you go give Amaka” Grace’s mother said pointing at the bowls of food on a tray

Grace doesn’t like delivering Christmas food because she feels she has outgrown the role and having to walk all the way to her cousin’s house was even more annoying. She carried the tray and set out for her cousin house praying not to run into any of her friends. Her prayers were answered and she got to the house without meeting any of her friends or boyfriend’s.

She passed through the Obi which is usually filled with children playing to the compound, she called out but the house seemed empty, the house won’t be opened if no one was home so she walked towards her cousin’s room and pushed open the door
“Na who be that” Her cousin’s husband asked sitting up from the bed
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“Ah Grace na you be this” he said on seeing her
“Brother nndo, I no know you dey sleep, I bring food” She said
“Thank mama o, your sister travel go see her mama with the children” He said
“Okay, I go tell mama” she said and made to leave
“Come sit down make I find something for you” He said indicating to the bed
She told him not to worry about it but he insisted so she sat while he stood up and went to check for something in one of his trousers,he came back and squeezed two hundred naira notes into her palms, his hand fell on her laps and he rubbed her thighs up and down,she shifted uncomfortably and made to leave
“You don grow finish o” He said
Her eyes drifted to his crotch and she could see his bulge protruding from his wrapper,she swallowed hard thinking about what it would be like fucking him, they were not related by blood and since her cousin was not around she won’t be hurting anyone but she didn’t want him to get it easy
“No o, I no fit” She said standing up
“Abeg Grace help me, na just small” He said standing up
“Me and your sister nova do tey tey” He continued
“I no wan go look outside, abeg help your sister” he said standing beside her
She stood like she was thinking about it and in a twisted way she could be helping her cousin
“Na for amaka o” She said facing him
She could tell he was happy she agreed, he made to remove her clothes and she moved away, she started to remove her clothes herself and he went to close the door making the room darker, when she was completely naked she sat on the bed,he came to join her and went straight for her boobs, he squeezed hard and she could tell him was excited she had bigger and more firm boobs than her cousin.
He leaned down and sucked making funny sucking sounds. He sucked and squeezed her boobs like he hasn’t seen breast in a while she almost felt bad for him. He was wasting time slobbering on her breasts so she reached for his dick and was surprised at his size,it was thick and not short.
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She stroked his dick up and down enjoying jerking him off, looking up at him she almost laughed at the funny face he was making which fueled her stroking, she pumped up and down faster her eyes set on him.
She realized she didn’t have much time so she stopped and got on the bed, getting on all fours she pushed her ass out to him he joined her the bed creaking as he did, she felt the head of his dick on her opening as he tried to push into her, he pushed in inch by inch stretching her pussy nicely.
When she took his whole length, he let out a grunt before he held her ass and started pumping into her fast, she cried out as his size and speed stretched her painfully
“Ah ah ah ah” he kept moaning as he thrusted into her
She tried adjusting to him to form a rhythm but he was list in his movement.
“Oh eh ohh eh” he kept moaning his excitement annoying her
He reach around and grabbed her boobs as he pumped into her faster,he pushed in deeper filling her,he started to grunt and she knew he was going to bust soon
“No pour inside” She called out
“Oh oh ok eh eh” He moaned pumping into her faster, he pulled out and carried out as he came.
She immediately stood up and started dressing up, she looked at his dick sad at how wasted such a good dick was
“Grace thank you” He said making her feel a little less angry.se.


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