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The implication of belly fat and workouts to eliminate it

When it comes to the elimination of belly fat, no exercise does it faster than crunches. 

Apart from the distortion belly fat brings to the body, it can also become very serious and affect long-term health if not checked beforehand.

This is so because the visceral fat in the middle of the body makes toxins that affect the way the body works.
And cytokines, which is one of the toxins, increases the chances of heart disease and make the body less sensitive to insulin at the same time. Thus leading to a condition which causes diabetes.
This, among many other reasons, is why most women consider belly fat as one of the most annoying experiences that one can possibly experience.
And for the good number of them, getting a lean midsection is a desire that has become a dream.
However, in this article, you will be shown how to eliminate those unwanted belly fats. All that is required of you is a deep sense of commitment that will help you scale through the interesting process.
Here are some effective workouts that will help you get rid of those unwanted belly fats.
When it comes to the elimination of belly fat, no exercise does it faster than crunches. However, there are some certain things that should be noted before getting started:
Don’t enter the full sit-up position while performing crunches; just raise your back a few inches from the ground.
This will prevent the chances of you hurting your back.
Also, jerking your head forward while doing crunches will put pressure on your neck and result in pain.

Here’s how to perform crunches exercise

  1. Lie down flat on a mat with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Alternatively, you can also lift your legs off the floor at a 90-degree angle. (See picture).
  2. Lift your hands and place them behind your head, or keep them crossed on your chest.
  3. Inhale deeply, and as you lift your upper torso off the floor, exhale.
  • Inhale again as you get back down, and exhale as you come up.
  • Do this for 10 times as a beginner.
  • Repeat another two to three sets.
  • The plank, like every other exercise, has its own basic function. It is a core strengthening exercise that works the transversus abdominis muscle.
    Although some certain amount of calories will be burnt during the process of performing the exercise, its primary purpose is to strengthen the midsection and reduce low back pain.

    Here’s how to perform plank exercise

    1. Start by assuming a pushup position and bend your elbows as you lower yourself down until you can shift your weight from your hands to your forearms
    2. Your body should form a straight line. Brace your abs and hold for sixty seconds. If you can’t make it to sixty seconds, hold for five to ten seconds and rest for five seconds, continuing for one minute.
    3. Focus on form: Don’t drop your hips or raise your butt.
    The side crunch exercise can be said to be one of those exercises that were specially designed to reduce fats in the belly region. And interestingly, side crunch can be practiced without much physical stress and strain. 

    Here’s how to perform side crunch exercise

    1. Lie on your back and use your hand to support your head.
    2. Bend your knees and carefully rotate your hips to the left
    3. Slightly lift your shoulders off the floor and squeeze the obliques as you hold for few seconds
    4. Return slowly to the starting position and switch sides repeatedly.
    The vertical leg crunch is a traditional exercise that can be very effective when it comes to burning belly fat. Like the prank exercise, this exercise aims at strengthening the middle as well as the side abdominal muscles.

    Here’s how to perform a vertical leg crunch

    1. With your back to the floor, stretch your legs upwards and cross one knee over the other
    2. Now breathe in and lift your upper body from the floor towards the pelvis.
    3. Breathe out slowly as you bring yourself down, breathe in again, and exhale as you go up.
    4. Do twelve to fifteen reps and up to three sets.
    The Captain’s chair exercise has been found to be one of the best exercises to work the muscles of the abdomen. As a matter of fact, the American Council on Exercise named it to be one of the most effective ab exercises.

    Here’s how to perform the captain’s chair exercise

    1. With a straight spine and a well-relaxed shoulder, take a sitting position on a comfortable chair.
    2. Keep both hands beside you with your palms by the side of your hips, facing downward.
    3. Inhale deeply.
    4. As you exhale, bring both your legs upwards such that your knees are close to your chest. Hold for five seconds. Don’t bend forward and arch your back.
    5. Bring down your legs slowly and repeat.


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