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Richest Nigerian men without a university degree

These men are best in their trade with little or no formal education.
Nigeria is one of few African countries prominence is giving to acquiring tertiary education. Many families in Nigeria believe acquiring a degree as a precious fit and directly correlated with success in life.

However, there are many cases of wealthy and successful businessmen in Nigeria without a known degree. And there are masters in their chosen endeavours. Some of these people have in their employee’s list, advanced degree holders.

Alhaji Mohammed Indimi told a local new media recently during an interview that he has no education, but supervises Masters and PhD holders.

“Thank God today, as an unlettered person by western standards, I still supervise people with masters and PhDs who are working in my organisation,” Indimi told Premium Times.

“As a matter of fact, if any of my employees wants to approach me with any project proposal or some kind of memo or presentation, they have to be well-prepared and make sure they did their homework well because they know I will definitely point out any error therein.”


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