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Posted by on November 6, 2017 0

Do I really need to block an ex after a breakup?

Is it true that blocking an ex enables people move on quickly from heartbreaks?

Remaining connected to an ex partner’s social media platforms has been likened to a situation where you leave a window open in your house so as to peek in on festivities happening in a neighbouring mansion you’re no longer welcomed in.


In a bid to find happiness and move past the hurt and confusion of being dumped, minimizing contact with your ex is always advised.
Popular opinion makes you believe that the farther you move from the person that hurt you, the easier [relatively] it will be to put the whole breakup wahala behind you.
But how true is this? Do you truly move on faster from a breakup when you block your ex than when you don’t?

Isn’t it possible that staying away and blocking that ex from your life will only make you miss them more and worsen the ache to have them back?


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