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3. Sexual cleansing, Malawi When a man dies, it is believed that his widow’s soul has been stained by his death. To cleanse her soul and free the dead husband’s spirit, she is forced to have sex with his brother, relative or clansman.

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Here are eight African marriage practices you’ve probably never heard of:

1. More cow, more wives; Kenya

The Pokot tribe of Kenya measures the wealth of a family according to the number of cows that the family owns.
Thus, the number of wives a man can be allowed to marry is determined by the number of cows he owns.

2. Potency/Virginity test, Uganda

The Banyakole tribe, a minority tribe in Kenya places quite a heavy burden on the bride’s aunt when a wedding is to hold.
Not only does the aunt have to test and confirm the bride’s virginity, she also has to have sex with the groom to prove his potency and virility.


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