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Tonto Dikeh Azuka Ogujiuba speaks on actress’ curse and rant

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Azuka Ogujiuba has responded to Tonto Dikeh who accused her of lying against her ex husband.

Tonto Dikeh has lashed out at journalist, Azuka Ogujiuba over comments she made on the show ‘Hot Topics’.

The actress blasted the journalist via her Instagram account on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Tonto Dikeh claimed Azuka Ogujiuba was bribed by her ex-husband and placed a curse on her.
Meanwhile, Azuka Ogujiuba has responded to Tonto’s rants and claims. While speaking exclusively to Pulse today, Thursday, September 28, 2017, she said “I am not interested. I have no response. She can have a blast for all I care. I said what I said in the programme and that’s it.
The drama between Tonto Dikeh and Azuka Ogujiuba started when she made claims that Tonto Dikeh lied about being abused by her ex-husband, Churchill Oladunni on the show ‘Hot Topics’.
She said she has video evidence to back up her claims from meetings she had with Tonto Dikeh and her ex-husband at different occasions.
You can read Tonto Dikeh’s lengthy Instagram rant below;
Tonto Dikeh wasn’t having any of these stories as she took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, in what seemed to be a very lengthy reply to give her own side of the story.
” Firstly Azuka You lured me into this interview. You used someone I respect a lot to convince me to talk about the marriage incidences. I finally succumbed to it because I felt that my story would help other women who faced the same issue of domestic violence. It was never orchestrated as u say. – Secondly, One of your staff suggested that I cover the scar on my leg. I told you that i was okay with the scar showing because it came as a result of domestic violence.
“Furthermore, Azuka I told you several times about my faults in the whole incidence. I never hid any of it. I told you I broke things in his house as a response to the violence I faced. So why would you try and use that against me as if I did not openly admit and repent about it. As a matter of fact I have attached the text messages between us! Try and deny! 
Azuka you said yourself that Churchill offered you money to manipulate everything I said. Your assistant also admitted that Churchill offered her a large sum of money to manipulate the whole thing. You mentioned this in front of every body there! Your staff, your camera men, the make up staff, my team members and my brother. Don’t dare deny this! I have several KEY people who where present there.

“Azuka you said that Churchill showed you a video of me destroying things. Azuka please release that video! Release everything that was captured on that cctv camera from the beginning of the fight to the end of it without a second or minute missing! Please do this and vindicate your artist since we know now that you manage him.

Azuka how dare you even say I lied! Where you there!? Where you present in any of the incidences that occurred!? Did you ever speak to any of my family that naturally would have taken sides with me just as his took sides with him.
“When you called me for a second interview to counter his own interview what did I tell you? I said NO. That this is not a fight I want to entertain most especially because of my son. – Isn’t it funny that your boyfriend you sent to pick me from the airport is now flying around the country with Churchill! Coincidence? – You said that you went to Ghana for an event and decided to do a bit of…” wrote Tonto Dikeh.

In March 2017, Azuka Ogujiuba held an interview with Tonto Dikeh. The interview focused on the alleged domestic violence incidents in her short marriage.
During the interview, Tonto Dikeh said “This interview is not meant to discredit my husband or rather my ex-husband in anyway. It’s not to bring him down. It’s not to make people hate him. It is not to throw dirt on him.”

She further said “The domestic violence is real. It’s real. How I lived to suffer it and go through it over and over again I do not understand.”


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