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8 Steps to Business Success

Posted by on February 25, 2017 0

*8 Steps to great working habits (habits take 21 days to form)
(1): have a great attitude 99% attitude vs 1% skill develop a successfull business attitude excercise attitude like a muscle.
(2): be on time if youre not early, you’re late.
(3): be prepared fail to plan- plan to fail practice until you are perfect make training harder than work. (4): put in 100% effort anything wprth doing, is worth doing well.
(5): work you territory/ networkoptimise every possible business opportunity by working hard and smart.
(6): safeguard/bulletproof your attitude marketing is a game of failure- play the numbers.
(7): have a reason to be successful and know your trade visualise your success set goals and have plans to achieve them.
(8): control it yourself compartmentalise control the controllables


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